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The difference between loving and liking ourselves

Sometimes we say we love ourselves but we don't "like" ourselves. It's because "loving" and "liking" originate from two different places within us.

Love comes from our heart space, it is pure and without requirements.

Liking however comes from our mind. Whenever you find yourself liking or not liking something you have a clear indicator of where you are sourcing your life from in that moment and you can choose to return to the heart.

The mind has constant judgement for you and for others..."ooh I did that well so I like myself now. Oh..I didn't do that well so I don't like myself. I feel thin just now so I like myself..oh now I feel fat so now ...I don't like myself", and on and on it goes. The pendulum was made to swing.

When you become aware of this tiresome process there is a place you can go that is always warm, always open and always excepting, come into the heart.

The heart simply loves, that's all it does. It is a fire in your chest that never goes out and is a much more solid space to try and rest your self esteem on then your constantly changing mind.

Be aware today of the difference between your head and your heart and choose wisely


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