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Please take a Forgiveness Break

I invite you dear reader to take a few moments for forgiveness with me, something I am calling a “Forgiveness Break”, for you deserve some forgiveness in your life. I have been challenged with my own forgiveness and found this exercise useful so If you feel moved do the exercise below you can see how it feels for you. This exercise is not about ego, but about the heart:

Find a quiet place and spend a few moments breathing deeply and focus on your heart and when you feel anchored there please repeat these words aloud with feeling:

“I forgive you Donald Trump” (3x)

“I forgive you Kellyanne Conway” (3x)

“I forgive you Mike Pence” (3x)

“I forgive you Sean Spicer” (3x)

“I forgive you Steve Bannon” (3x)

“I forgive you Trump Administration” (3x)

"I forgive myself" (3x)

(I say repeat 3 times but really you repeat until you sense an energetic “click” and the energy starts to dislodge. You can add to it with: “I forgive myself for ….”)

Now see how that feels. Is it different then you were feeling about your world a moment ago? Do you feel lighter or more free? I remind you that forgiveness is for yourself, and you deserve it. When you forgive offense, you are moving outside of its sphere of influence, changing the dynamic in which indignation works in your body. You forgive for yourself, and you deserve to be free from the burden of condemnation. You can still have a cause without the hatred, you can still hold a vision without judgment.

Anywhere we are unable to forgive that which we see as unjust or wrong reflects where we ourselves are unwilling to forgive ourselves, our own shadow. Are there places in us where we are bull headed and ego driven, narrow minded and manipulative? Are there places where we are liars and a bullies and charlatans? Are there places within us where we crave power over others and do not regard our fellow men and woman? Are there places where we are sad and afraid and selfish? Whatever we cannot forgive in the mirror of the world around us simply reflects where we are unwilling to forgive our own selves. Unwilling to say to the darkness within us…” I forgive you. I love you…I love you still! I do not cut myself off from you!”

This simple exercise of forgiving Trump and his cohorts and forgiving ourselves can free us into a situation of balance and compassion. If we cannot have compassion for our shadow we will never be made whole, and wholeness really is what we all seek. Quit punishing those parts of yourself that are small and afraid, offer some forgiveness instead and change the game if just for a little while. See what love can do. See how it feels to not play the blame game and the condemnation game, see if it cracks open more space in your own precious heart. For love doesn’t mean that you abide a wrong doing in silence, no, but it does mean that you act in such a way as not to have venom in your heart while you take action. True power comes from forgiveness first. All forgiveness is self-forgiveness and what indeed an opportunity we all have for that now.

Thank you for reading. And let me know your experience/insight with the exercise.


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