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You get what you resist

Here is a secret that we often times must be reminded of as it seems to be so contrary to how we would naturally go about engaging something we don't care for...you get what you resist.

If you fight against something you make the thing you are fighting against stronger in your validation of its power and "threat" in your life. You add to it in your identification of it be something that has control over you.

We are taught that we must fight for what is right by resisting evil and overcoming it somehow, this is a misunderstanding of how energy actually works.

Don't fight what you don't want...focus on what you do want, there is a definite subjective difference in how the energy will move in your body with these two fundamentally different intentions.

One is restrictive, the other expansive, one is creative, the other confining and threatening.

Now this is not to say that you don't care or are unaware, it is simply about how you choose to respond in the face of injustice and turmoil.

Learn to focus on what you really want and to give no credence to the boogieman and the boogieman will have no way in your life, another way to say it is you will not give the boogieman any of your own energy for it to use against you.

A warrior needs an enemy, a builder only needs a goal. Don't protest...manifest! Our world already has enough people pointing out what is wrong, it needs more visionaries holding the light and envisioning our next unfoldment.

Resistance only bestows power onto that which has no power in your life other then what you allow it have through your own belief.

One way to deflate the resistance bubble in your own life is when you find yourself in anger and indignation over a circumstance stop and take a few anchoring breaths, then go into gratitude for what this situation has shown you.

Next move into your heart space and start to envision what you would want for this situation, the perfect outcome where everyone gets what they need and all are uplifted and enlivened and thrive...what would that look like? Let that vision unfold before you and become real and spend some time there exploring, You'll notice your mood will change, your heart will lighten and you will start to feel love and appreciation for what you have envisioned.

You have just transmuted the energy of a problem and changed it to the energy of a solution and added to the growth of our planet (instead of validating it's destruction).

A person who can do this in the face of great conflict is indeed on the path to self mastery.



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