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The "Re-Union Technique"

I’d like to share with you a technique I have been using to instantly open my heart space in groups of large or small people that I do not know. I call it the “re-union” technique. A lot of us are aware that we should be more loving and open etc but it can often be challenging when we are in situations where we don’t actually know anyone so I found this technique to be an interesting catalyst to allow that heart flower to start to open up and flow.

Basically, what you do is imagine that all the people around you are your extended family: uncles, brothers, cousins, nieces and nephews, and you will instantly feel your “field of affinity” open up.

Our field of affinity is the bubble of love we have around us that we let some people in and keep most people out. Anyone outside of our field of affinity would be considered “strangers” and just don’t get the benefit of our love energy. Usually when we see someone we know or like our affinity bubble widens and engulfs that person and we “allow them into our world” so to speak and regard them as ourselves. We consider their feelings and feel warmth towards them, so to be more loving we basically are looking to make our affinity bubble larger to encompass more of the people around us.

You will know that the technique has worked when you instantly feel more connect to those around you, feel warm towards them and around them and you begin naturally to smile.

Take a moment and close your eyes and remember the last group gathering you were in that you really enjoyed and felt a part of. Get the picture clear in your mind and notice the sensations in your body. Maybe it was a work function with co-workers you really enjoy, or a super fun dinner or night out with friends. Or maybe you were home for the Holidays and had that cozy family feeling. This is Re-Union, the feeling of “wow, I missed you guys and I am so glad to see you again”. This feeling will make the rose of your heart open wide and emit that affinity vibration.

Now that you have identified the feeling this is what you are looking to foster around new groups of people. Play with the technique and see. Imagine if you went to the DMV and it was filled with all your cousins and brothers and sisters, how different the experience would be. The thing about family is even when they mess up and are weird or whatever, you still kind of love them anyway. You are much more patient with them, you let them in, you love them.

Use any group of people you have a strong affinity for, it you really feel warm towards your friends then when you show up at the restaurant, instead of it being populated with a bunch of randoms, strangers and blank people, it’s instead filled with all your friends who you love and appreciate. So while you’re sitting there waiting to be served you’re feeling love and appreciation for being in their midst instead of anxiousness and guardedness.

We have to learn to let people in as this is not something that has been tough to us by our society. We can use a bit of mental gymnastics to expand our bubble of affinity around us to encompass all who are within our vicinity. I say mental gymnastics but really it is the truth, we are all one, and when we come into to contact with others it really is a reunion of family so we use a little mental game to nudge us towards the truth.

As with anything practice makes perfect, I often have to repeat the process throughout the interaction to re-train my brain. I will say to myself “Wow, how amazing is it that out of all the billions of people in the world it just so happens that these people are in the exact same place as I am right now, at this exact time. How wonderful is that? I am so glad to see you all again and I appreciate your light.” When I do this my world opens up and I am no longer alone, I am with family and between you and me, I am a lot more forgiving with family then I am with a stranger off the street. With this technique, I can stand in a crowd and give and receive love.

Well thanks for reading and if this strikes a note in you please try it and share and let me know how the technique works for you. Happy New Year!


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