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The Love of God

The Love of God is deeper still then any one can know It is complete in every way, and yet It still can grow It is the glue that binds together every single piece and if it was to ever stop all things would simply cease The Love of God moves through all of creation you will find It is expanding ever more from the powerful God Mind God loves that It is manifesting everything you see God loves that It is be-ing things, like being you and me The Love of God is the pattern then, for creation it's the mold It is the net that supports all life and matter it does hold It is the pure foundation upon which everything does sit Everything is made of love my friend, yes every little bit Without the Love of God we could experience no thing, for this great Love the catalyst for everything to bring a stage for all creation, building blocks made for the whole So that God Itself can manifest and experience being soul There is no time in reality to measure any of this It is simply happening now you see, this wondrous flow of bliss God's creation is now, and ever was, and ever then will be for Love is in this moment and in everything you see If everything is made of God, and they say God is Love Then everything must be Divine and given from above And if you are a part of God and God is all of you Then love is how you be yourself and makes your dreams come true


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