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Calling in a Blessing

I’d like to share with you a gift we all have and can use daily. Many of you will be familiar with the practice but some may not have ever thought to actually do it. What I’m referring to is our own ability to bless situations, people, places and things. To call in the energy of blessing.

Calling in a blessing is a great way to actively participate in bringing more light into your environment and into the lives of the people around you. By using your God-given authority, you can at any time become a conduit of blessing energy and a vehicle of the spirit in various situations as you go about your day. The ability to bless is your birthright as a child of God and as a worker of the light, and the more you get into this practice the more you will see that indeed we really need no authority figure or buffer between ourselves and the Divine. We are the ones. When we learn to actively work with the Holy Spirit by the use of our own words (our logos) and our intentions we become a boon not only in our lives but in the lives of others.

What is a blessing? And what does it mean to call down a blessing?

To be blessed simply means to be connected with your natural state of being, which is to say, to be connected with the Source. Source energy is always seeking to move within our lives and within the lives of those around us so that It may to create the best situations for us all to receive what we need. To be blessed then is to be connected, to be linked into Source energy. Source is our divine state of being, and when we are connected to Source we naturally have everything we need for our learning and betterment. When we are connected, all our needs are met, we arrive at the exact right time, we meet the right people, and we see the things we need to see to quicken our lives and bring us into the experiences and lessons we need to move us forward. To be blessed is to be connected to the powerhouse that is the Source, and thus be tied into every good thing for our nourishment and enrichment. Indeed, love is the blessing, for it is this love energy that allows us to be within the natural flow of abundance and grace in our lives. To be blessed is to be connected to love.

But love is not always what we think it is, and it does not always show up in the way we would anticipate it would. Sometimes we think we know what someone needs but without seeing through the eyes of God it is hard for us to know the actual lessons that someone may need to go through, the hardships they may need to face, and the walls that they may need to come up against to cause them to take a different direction or see in a different light. True blessings take away none of the soul’s lessons, but rather they create a space for the right action, so that the soul may learn to know itself and come to realize its true nature, which is God, where there is much plenty, much abundance, and every good thing.

Thus to call forth a blessing is to facilitate more light coming into this 3rd-dimensional plane so that it may be used for the betterment of those who are blessed, while it also boosts the energy as the blesser. To call down a blessing means that you create a channel in this third dimensional space between the physical and the spiritual dimensions so that more God-ness can manifest within the life of the recipients of your blessing. To call down a blessing is to invite in more light, and this light in its infinite wisdom, will go out and activate any situation that needs to be uplifted, loosened, elevated, solidified, or rectified.

The light knows what to do, it is simply up to us to facilitate the movement of this light, and to give permission for this light to work within ourselves, within our environment, and within the lives of those around us.

We are beings of light encapsulated by our own beliefs and the projections of our ego, and we can sometimes be weighed down in the mire of our own unconsciousness and fears. We need more light in our lives to activate our baser natures, and to create more space for our enlivened consciousness to manifest. We can through blessings facilitate this activity.

Who am I to call forth a blessing?

Who are you not to call forth a blessing? Who are you not to stand up and call down more light into any and every situation? You do not need a degree or an ordination to be an agent at the light. You are endowed by your very nature with access to pure light and Godliness. It is simply up to you to step into your own authority and claim it. Who is more worthy than you? For you are the priest in your own world, you are the Shaman, you are the Sage, you are the Guru, you are the Master. You are, and no one else. For this is your world, and if you are called to be an anchor of the light then you must step into that role whenever you have the grace to do so with boldness and with single-mindedness. Don’t wait for anyone else to be a blessing when you yourself, a child of God, can be that blessing.

Calling down a blessing is not about a religious practice, it is about creating space for the best possible thing to happen in the life of those that you bless, and in your life for being the conduit of blessing energy. This is about direct experience with Source by giving permission for the light to work. This is what a light worker does, they bless situations by their own being-ness, but also through the access that they facilitate through their own actions.

You will find that if you get into the practice of calling down blessings in situations both good and bad that there is a reciprocal effect that will not only uplift the lives of the blessed but your own life as well, for you will indeed be doing “God’s work”.

A blessing adds what Spirit is always seeking, permission to work in our lives.

Here are some key points for calling down a blessing:

  • The blessing should come from a place of love

  • The energy of the blessing should be neutral

  • Keep it simple, Spirit knows what to do

  • Be of pure intent

  • Trust that it is done

I will share with you how I have learned to call a blessing and I encourage you to practice and find your own ways as each of us has a unique flavor that we can bring to our practice. I have outlined a few key points I feel are beneficial when getting started. These points can give you a foundation to work with:

A blessing should come from a place of love.

Whenever I start a blessing I take just a moment and make sure that I am within my own body and within my Sacred Heart space. Before you start a blessing you can take a few moments and just breathe into your heart space to get centered within your body and specifically within your heart. Your heart actually is the best place to start any and every interaction, but especially when you have chosen to give a blessing you want to make sure and first center within your heart. It can be done in just a moment by focusing on being present and connecting with your center of love.

The blessing should be neutral and not for any specific outcome.

As mentioned above it’s sometimes hard to know through our earthly view of things what the best outcome of a given situation is. We simply do not know what’s happening in other people’s lives. We do not know what God is doing in their life, what their Angels and Guides are actively doing in their life, and what their over soul is creating for them to experience. So it is always best to keep your blessing neutral so that the light has the leeway to go left or right, up or down, and influence the person’s life in the best possible way. This means that you are not so much praying for something to happen to or for someone as much as you are calling light into their world.

Keep it simple.

We do not have to be the most eloquent speaker, to know the most glorious and perfect words. All we need do is be willing to be used by Spirit and to trust that Spirit knows what we mean, and that Spirit will act in the most perfect way. A few simple words are all it really takes to connect and call forth the light.

Have a pure intent.

In the few moments in which you are calling forth a blessing be of pure mind. Know that what you’re asking will be done straightaway, in the best possible way, and for the betterment of all involved. When you open your mouth and speak the words from a loving place within yourself the universe has no choice but to respond and the Spirit, which is holy, will work in and through you to manifest the blessing. Be certain of this.


Once a blessing is done you simply move into a place of trust and know that it is accomplished. There’s nothing else that you need to do at that point for you have given permission to the universe to work. You have done your part and now the universe, the Source, the Guides, the Angels, the higher selves will step in and do what needs to be done. After you have invoked a blessing you simply relax and trust and enjoy the energy.

“I, through the power of my I Am presence, call forth a blessing upon each person in this house right now, blessing upon blessing upon blessing be upon us all, amen.”

When I invoke a blessing I like to use the power of three. Three is a magical number denoting completion, and is used in many esoteric practices. I call forth a blessing times three.

I will often call a blessing upon the people on the train I’m on while on my way to work. I pause and center, gather my intent, have a feeling of being connected to the light and then call the blessing:

“I call down a blessing upon each person on this train, blessing upon blessing upon blessing again be upon each person on this train. Let this be done, amen”.

That’s it, it is done. Try it out.

Those who are sensitive to energy will feel the change in the environment as the blessing energy starts to take effect within the space of each person within the field of blessing. There is no restriction of time and space for a blessing energy, there is no limit to a blessing, for there is no limit to God. God is, and blessing is. The only limit, if there is one, is within our own mind as to how far we feel our blessing can go and how many lives we think our blessing can touch. The only limit to God’s blessing is the limit that we perceive.

Here is another situation in which you can call forth a blessing. When walking down the street you can use this blessing:

“I call forth a blessing upon each person on this street, each person walking, each person in a restaurant, each person in a car and in a house. A blessing I call upon each of these people, a blessing upon a blessing upon a blessing times three. Let this be done, Amen.”

You can play with the energy of blessing not only people but places, situations, animals and plants. You can bless any situation you want to call more light into, you can bless your home each day.

Think of all the wonderful things the trees, fairies, nature spirits and elementals do for us each day, and how so many people take their beauty and gifts for granted. You can call a blessing upon all the trees spirits and bushes and flowers in your neighborhood and you will be amazed at how the nature spirits will take the blessing energy and magnify it x 10 so that it spreads out in a powerful field of influence.

I encourage you this week to be a literal blessing in other people’s lives while you are being a blessing in your own life. It is simple when you get into the practice of it, but very powerful.

I believe that people used to know and understand the power of blessings and curses but we in this modern society have lost the practice and have relegated such rituals and magics to those people we feel more qualified then ourselves. There is no one more qualified than yourself for you are the star in your own life. It is time for us to take up the mantle of blessing again and to call in more light.

When you are watching the news and see some terrible event taking place, instead of going to a place of mourning, fear, judgment, or anxiety, take a few moments to call in a blessing for that situation. When you read a news story or come across an article you can take a few moments and bless the situation so that all involved might come to know themselves and be lifted up.

In this way we become more magic and the magic has a way to work in and through us.

Play with you own ability to bless, feel the energy before and after calling in a blessing to get familiar with what it feels like when more light is added to a situation. Become a master blesser, one who can change any situation with God-Light.

Dominic Flippin 2016


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