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The Key

The key to this Human experience is learning to love yourself in each moment, every moment, regardless of what is happening.

Learn to not attach any reasons to why you choose to love yourself, if you have a reason why you should love yourself then you will eventually have a reason why you should not love yourself.

“I love myself because I am lovable” Well...what happens when you don't feel so love-able.

True Love needs no reason.

When we have done good, we love ourselves, when we could have done better…we love ourselves. When we have done nothing note-worthy and watched TV all day...we love ourselves! In this way we never withhold the love that we are all seeking and fundamentally need.

We don't set up a game in your lives that says…” When I do this and this and this...then will I be worthy and will love myself.” That game is the lie. Loving now is the truth.

When we learn to love ourselves without reason we can then love others in the same way...without condition, but it begins with our own being and it takes practice. Loving others without condition is actually an extension of the love we have for ourselves.

You have to convince your ego that no matter what you do you will not stop loving yourself, then the ego will relax and the inner child will believe you and feel that it can depend on you.

Love yourself right now as you read this and just don’t stop today. Dominic Flippin


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