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Some people think they are going “someplace”

Some people think they are going “someplace” in their spiritual progress. That they are on a journey to some future time when there is a better version of themselves waiting with everything they ever wanted, perfect and complete. “Someday” they say quietly to themselves.

Actually you are not going anyplace.

You’re staying right here…in this very moment.

You are just remembering that you've been here all along.

You are just recognizing the perfection that your already are as the universe smiles down upon you.

The journey…if there is one…is inward. It is into the unremembered territory of your own soul,

Into the uncharted regions of your shadow self.

Into the places where you have felt wounded, disconnected, dis-empowered and alone so you can reclaim those territories for your Heart.

“I claim this land again for Love! This land is mine! It’s always been mine, and Love now reigns supreme!”

Conquer the land within. Lay claim to your inner space.


Be the bold explorer of your own deep forest and find the hidden meadow within.

Fearlessly trail blaze the territory that is you, and claim it all for Love.

Then will All that Is look down and see It's true refection in you and say “Well done…you remembered”.

Dominic Flippin


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