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Angel Request for Light

"I call my Angel team now and trust the connection around me.

I ask for clarity in my life to see those things I need to change to become who it is I am meant to be.

Deliver me from all delusions and illusions and usher me into the light.

Illuminate all aspects of my life so that I may know the truth of both my inner workings and my outer surroundings.

Shower me with the light of God, that it may shine in, through, and around me now so that I might see myself clearly and know the truth of my being.

May nothing be hidden from me but all things revealed into the light of truth.

I trust that more is being revealed in me and to me every day.

I ask for clarity to see where I am going, who I am, and who I can trust in time of need.

Please illuminate my way and guide me down the path with the highest light and vibration.

May all that is hidden be revealed and brought into the light both within me and around me.

May no shadow be cast along my way.

I open to the light now and request help from my guidance team, lift me higher and higher until my frequency matches the deepest truth within me.

Give me a spirit of discernment, and do not let me go.

I know that all will be revealed to me and I trust that this is done

I am grateful for your help.

Amen and thank you.”

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