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When you are walking in nature

When you are walking in nature, feel the earth beneath your feet. Look up and see Father sky, and below Mother Earth you'll meet. Say “Hello Father Sky!, Hello Mother Earth...it's me, and I am here to play! I'm grateful for all you've given me, and that's what I want to say."

For Father loves when you look up, and see His powerful plan, and Mother Earth, She loves you too, after all it's where you began. Just close your eyes and open your heart, and you can feel that Love, and you will know with certainty, as below, it is so above.

For you between heaven and Earth exist, the greatest mystery. and you have been given every good thing for you to be truly free. So trust that Mother and Father have your best interest at heart, And you are held in high regard, of them you are a part.

For you are made of Earth and Sky, and Fire and Water too! just trust in what you're made of, and you'll know what you should do. There is no task you’ll find too big, or hurdle you'll find too great, for All that Is is in you, it's given to you to create.

So when you are walking in nature, look up and look below, You're made of stars, you're made of Earth, and that is what you know. For stars are bright and radiant, and the Earth is rich and true, Just use what you are made of, to do what you're called to do.

Dominic Flippin


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