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Listen to your Heart

Your heart is speaking if you learn how to hear The quieter your mind, the clearer your ear The answer for you will simply appear if you learn to listen to your heart

Your heart has a song it will sing it to you It will guide you along to the things you should do It will show you the false, and reveal what is true If you learn to listen to your heart.

But learning to listen as you sure will find has to do more with feeling then it does with your mind You have to get out of your daily grind to take time to hear your heart.

Your heart will speak softly, and not very loud like the whispering voice you hear in a crowd That's why you must clear out your mental cloud so there is space to hear your heart

When your mind is quite, and your body at peace the feeling inside for you will increase, and outward distractions for you will then cease It is then you can hear your heart

Your heart can interpret the things that you feel and just in a moment you'll know what is real it will show you the truth in any ordeal as you learn to trust your heart.

For your heart has a plan that it wants you to take

and certain decisions it wants you to make. Be willing to drop anything that is fake to know the truth of your heart.

It will sometimes feel heavy, and sometimes feel light That's how it will tell you what's wrong and what's right By paying attention your path will make bright as you learn to follow your heart.

Dominic Flippin


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