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Angel Request for Abundance

“I call my Angel Team now to surround me and shine their light into all the areas of my life.

Take that which I have and multiply it according to the will of God, that the abundance of the Holy Spirit be made manifest in my life.

Take all that I have and charge it with havingness and prosperity and love, so that that which I need and that which I want be provided straight away for the benefit of my soul journey and experience and the benefit of those around me.

May the riches and gifts the universe have for me manifest without delay, that I may be surprised and joy filled with the radiant abundance manifesting in my life.

I trust that only that which is for my highest good come forth, and may the grace of God keep me in perfect peace as I enjoy the gifts that I receive.

Thank you, for I am grateful! I am grateful! I am grateful!

Amen. Amen and Amen.”

Dictated to Dominic Flippin from his Angel Team for all to use.

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