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All Things Connected

All things are connected, both great and small There are some things that rise for others to fall each thing is in union, as you'll come to see everything is exactly where it's meant to be

All things are connected, each thing plays a part each connected to whole, each sourced from the heart each piece has a role that it's meant to play each aspect a lesson it wants to convey

Though some things seem far, and others quite near, things have thier time when they are meant to appear for each thing a season, for each thing a place each thing is in balance and given a space

Microscopic to galactic, below so above each aspect a piece that is given with love from the inner to outer, each flow so unique each peak has a valley, each valley a peak

When touching a part, you then touch the whole for all things are linked in one powerful soul when one part is hurting, it's felt by the rest when one part is nourished, the whole is then blessed.

For all things one family, for all things one clan for all things are part of this marvelous plan for all things have wisdom, for all things have worth for all things are part of this lesson on Earth.

Some things may seem "right", and others quite "wrong" it's hard to understand how some things belong but each piece has some wisdom, is part of the plan The whole thing was thought through before time began

There are some things above us, and others below but all things are linked in invisible flow where one thing does ends, another does start and each piece is nourished, each piece plays a part

There really is no “out there” or “in here” it's just the illusion of how they appear. for that which has been supports that which will be and that which is “you” supports that which is “me”

We all are one family, We all are one tribe Let's recognize oneness, so we can all thrive For all things connected, all things the one thing, To enjoy all the love and the peace it does bring

Dominic Flippin


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