Welcome to my page. I am a trained psychic and teacher with over 15 years experience in intuitive healing and subtle energy connection. Combining my background in Shamanism and Gnosticism with my intuitive abilities I have mapped out several avenues to help individuals foster their own awareness and connect with their own inner child and God presence

As a youth I was aware of being different and sensitive to the spirit world and explored many disciplines to find my place in the world. I want to make sure our youth have what they need to remember who they are and shine very bright. Below you will find a breakdown of the ways I am called to serve.

Intuitive Dream work:

Learn to work with your Dream Angels and receive communication and initiations to help you along your path.

Angel Requests:

Our Angels, guides, helpers and teachers are all looking for permission to help us in our lives as they constantly send us love. Per the Law of Free Will we must give permission for intervention in our lives. The Angel Requests are a series of healing requests I have received from my Angel Team you can use to give your Angels permission to work in your life. Please use and share.

Inner Child work:

Your inner child can be your greatest ally, helping you manifest wonders in your life, or it can be the biggest hindrance to your healing and evolution. It’s up to you to foster that relationship and send your inner self lots of love and healing. What I offer is psychic approach to working with the inner child and being sensitive to its needs and communication.

Books for psychic children:

Kids today are being born even more sensitive to spirit then we were. Whether you label them Indigo, Chrystal , Rainbow or just bright spirits, they are young Gods and Goddesses we need to make room for and create resources for. Each child has gifts, and my children’s book series will be available to acknowledge and help foster those gifts.